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Creating custom art projects professionally since 1990, Kristen has won awards and been featured in galleries as well as private residences and businesses around the United States. One of her most unique art clients was the United States Marine Corps Special Forces in Kingsbay, Georgia, who commissioned a hand-drawn illustration of two marines with gas masks, machine guns, and camoflauge in 1991. She painted 4 wall murals and made custom murals and 3D Interactive Displays for a church in Tempe, Arizona. She's hand-painted and hand-drawn custom art projects for hundreds of individuals since 1990. These are just a few different examples of her clientele.

Family portrait photography and engagement photos are nice, but it is common. Treat your family to the the timeless style and traditional elegance of hand-drawn or oil-painted family portraits, senior portraits, an engagement portrait, or a wedding portrait. You deserve this richly appointed family heirloom and it is the perfect Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas gift. Embrace elegance and tradition. View some portraits and then order your custom portrait today.

Paintings of any style add to the beauty of the interior decoration of your home and office. Upholstery abstracts can be made from swatches of fabric and/or recreated in 3D paintings that show off in grand style. These incorporate your own furniture swatches into the artwork and pull out the design elements into the painting itself! See examples of upholstery abstracts and other 3D paintings.

Another example of 3D custom paintings are when the raised painted elements come up off the canvas. These paintings are quite compelling to look at and you just want to touch them! This is truly exciting art!!!


GIVE A UNIQUE GIFT for holiday, special occasion, wedding, landscape, portrait, mural, engagement, honeymoon, mother's day, fathers day, birthday, graduation... quinceanera, sweet sixteen, bar mitzvah...

Custom Paintings • Custom Hand-Painted Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas • Portait • Mural

Custom Commissioned Art Projects
Kristen Mae Lee has literally painted on cell phone cases, purses, shoes, hats, scarves, vases, walls, signs, mirrors, furniture, paper, cardboard, canvas, plastic, metals, glass, wood, fabric, clothes, wedding gowns, and even body painting!

Your masterpiece starts with a custom computer rendering, from any styles and pictures you provide. Every work of art is a one-of-a-kind original. You can even get your cell phone case or gown painted!

Catching the unique likeness is Kristen Mae Lee's specialty. She can draw any subject quite realistically so that expressions of the person's soul, emotions, and personality exude off the page right into your heart!

Painted Wall Murals
Any wall can become a unique work of art! The magic of your masterpiece is painted from a custom computer rendering then painted for you! (Etsy Murals are painted on rolled canvas.)

Beautifully well-crafted small to medium sized baked clay sculptures can create a one-of-kind decoration for your home or office. Order a 3D version of your favorite person or thing, with personality and character of its very own!!

Custom Commissioned One-of-a-Kind Art Projects
Pick your favorite colors and every detail of your creation and get your own personal masterpiece! Kristen Mae Lee has painted on cell phone cases, purses, shoes, hats, scarves, vases, walls, signs, mirrors, furniture, paper, cardboard, canvas, plastic, metals, glass, wood, fabric, clothes, wedding gowns, and even done body painting!


There is a preliminary process that includes establishing the details of what the client wants, which progresses to a custom graphic design computer rendering, which assures that the art project will be what the client envisioned. That is also included in the pricing.


Detail work is based on the level of detail the client requests before the computer rendering phase is approved and the amount of time it may take to do the project is estimated time, which is subject to change as the project develops, because this is custom art made to order. See details below and choose the level of detail you want when you order your masterpiece.


Prices range by size, detail work, medium, figures, requests of combos such as elements, styles, or samples being provided, for standard turnaround times. Please list all when ordering!

Choose combo:
You can request a combination of elements, styles, and/or samples into 1 project.
[An example of this is, you provide (1 figure) a photo of your child who dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, (element 1) a sample of his or her favorite team to see the uniform with background, (2 styles) combine Renoir style but also photo realistic style so it represents a dream of the future - this order would be a 1 Figure, Combo of 3.]

Choose color(s):
In addition, you can provide color preferences and request medium(s).

Choose size:
Extra Small (3" range)
Small (5" x 7" range)
Medium (11 x 18" range)
Large (24" x 36" range)
Extra Large (36"+)
Any size rolled canvas murals are also available upon request
(Please see the dropdown menu for pricing options.)

Choose detail work:
(Level 1) Less detail work
(Level 2) More detail work

Hand-Painted Miniature Portraits, 1 Figure, 1 Element or Style
3"x4" .................... (Level 1) $20 ... (Level 2) $35
4"x6" .................... (Level 1) $25 ... (Level 2) $40
5"x7" ..................... (Level 1) $30 ... (Level 2) $45

Hand-Painted, Standard Sized, Single Portrait of 1 Figure, Combo of 2 Elements or Styles
8"x10" ................ (Level 1) $50 ... (Level 2) $75
9"x12" ................ (Level 1) $75 ... (Level 2) $100
11"x14" ............... (Level 1) $100 ... (Level 2) $125
12"x16" ................ (Level 1) $125 ... (Level 2) $150
16"x20" .............. (Level 1) $150 ... (Level 2) $175
18"x24" ................ (Level 1) $175 ... (Level 2) $200
24"x30" ................ (Level 1) $200 ... (Level 2) $225

Hand-Painted, Standard Sized, Multiple Subject Portraits up to 6 Figures, Combo of 3 Elements or Styles
18"x18" ................ (Level 1) $205 ... (Level 2) $230
20"x20" ................. (Level 1) $255 ... (Level 2) $280
18"x24" ................. (Level 1) $305 ... (Level 2) $330
24"x30" .............. (Level 1) $355 ... (Level 2) $380
24"x36" .............. (Level 1) $405 ... (Level 2) $430


Choose pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, art markers.

Hand-Drawn Miniatures, 1 Figure Limit, 1 Element or Style
3"x4" .................... (Level 1) $10 ... (Level 2) $20
4"x6" .................... (Level 1) $20 ... (Level 2) $30
5"x7" ..................... (Level 1) $25 ... (Level 2) $35

Hand-Drawn, Standard Sized, Single Portrait of 1 Figure, Combo of 2 Elements or Styles
8"x10" ................ (Level 1) $25 ... (Level 2) $35
9"x12" ................ (Level 1) $38 ... (Level 2) $48
11"x14" ............... (Level 1) $50 ... (Level 2) $60
12"x16" ................ (Level 1) $63 ... (Level 2) $73
16"x20" .............. (Level 1) $75 ... (Level 2) $85
18"x24" ................ (Level 1) $88 ... (Level 2) $98
24"x30" ................ (Level 1) $100 ... (Level 2) $110

Hand-Drawn, Standard Sized, Multiple Subjects of up to 6 Figures, Combo of up to 3 Elements or Styles
18"x18" ................ (Level 1) $105 ... (Level 2) $115
20"x20" ................. (Level 1) $130 ... (Level 2) $140
18"x24" ................. (Level 1) $155 ... (Level 2) $165
24"x30" .............. (Level 1) $180 ... (Level 2) $190
24"x36" .............. (Level 1) $205 ... (Level 2) $215


Sculptures are usually made from baked clay, but other mediums are sometimes used. Please request what you want our custom sculpture to be made with. Extra charges for more than one figure, request quote.

Hand-Made Sculptures, 1 Figure, 1 Style
3"................ (Level 1) $20 ... (Level 2) $30
3"-6" ................. (Level 1) $40 ... (Level 2) $50
6"-9" ................. (Level 1) $60 ... (Level 2) $70
9"-12" .............. (Level 1) $80 ... (Level 2) $92
12"-18" .............. (Level 1) $100 ... (Level 2) $120
18"-24" .............. (Level 1) $150 ... (Level 2) $170


There is a $100 setup and cleanup fee for every mural, paid in advance. (combo of up to 3)................ (Level 1) $150 per hour ... (Level 2) $200 per hour


Pricing for average art projects are charged at an hourly rate of $100 per hour. The prices listed here are to offer a general idea of pricing. The client establishes their own pricing based on their requests for the scope of work, changes, and approvals. All quotes include setup and cleanup times. If the client stays within the scope and guidelines of the project as detailed here, then pricing will never change. If client makes changes that take more time than initially agreed upon, then the pricing must also change for the time it takes to do that work. All pricing are all-inclusive (except shipping and handling)*.


Pricing is 100% dependent upon the final work done to the painting which is based on the time it takes to create the painting. The price you and I agree upon when the project begins is subject to change if you request changes to the Scope of the Project. If you stick to the original plan, the price is going to stay the same. If the Scope of the Project changes, the project could go to the client as is, if the client does not want to pay for the changes. If the client does not want the project after the change(s) to the Scope of the Project quote, or for any reason, the project can be sold to anyone. The selling process will begin after a suitable grace period of 7 days after the client's notification to the Artist. Prices are not negotiable and there are no refunds under any circumstances because the artist works on Retainer with work being done as payments are made, and every project is custom-made by the specifications within the Scope of the Project. To reiterate, the ONLY way there will be extra charges is IF the client changes the scope of the project AFTER it has begun.


1) Create scope and payment arrangements,
2) Create computer rendering of what mural will be modeled after,
3) Client approval of rendering,
4) Project set up,
5) Painting Phase 1,
6) Painting Phase,
7) Painting Phase 3,
8) Final approval,
9) Clean up.


Estimated turnaround times are approximately 1-4 weeks based on a regular 40-hour work week working 9am-5pm. Rush fees are required for nights, weekends, holidays, or other rush project requirements. (Turnaround times vary, but projects can generally be finished and shipped within 30 days from initial order, often sooner.) Rush orders require $50 per day rushed.


* Shipping and handling (which includes protecting your masterpiece) price is not marked up from the actual costs the shipping company charges. Pricing is not negotiable. All pricing is estimated and handled by shipping companies, not by the artist. Any delays or problems related to shipping must be reported to the shipping company ASAP. Efforts will be made to remedy the situation fairly, if any problems occur that are the responsibility of a shipping company, but the artist is not responsible for shipping company responsibilities.


1) Read ALL the details listed here.

2) Select your options for:
• colors,
• subject(s),
• type of medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, mural),
• detail work (level 1 or level 2, which is more detailed),
• size of the finished tangible,
• the style you want for this project (Impressionism, Realism, Cubanism, Americana, Abstract, etc).

3) Submit your order and provide your email address, mailing address, and phone number.

4) You can submit photos so that you are sure to get specifically what you want.

5) Specifications will be defined in the Scope of the Project.

6) Artist Kristen Mae Lee will usually start by making computer rendering that the client must approve in writing (via email).

7) Development of the finished project begins after this.

8) The project is presented to the client.

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I want to explain this a little more clearly, so I am posting this note for you...

In the projects I have painted for others, some of which are shown in the photo gallery here, you can see examples of images I was provided by clients, and how other people incorporated some changes into the piece to get what they wanted without having to provide the exact photo of their ideas for the project. These are custom-designed masterpieces completely unique for every client!

You and I (or the person you gift this to) will talk about the details (in writing) before I create anything and you will not be charged for our discussions because I want to make sure you love your custom masterpiece.

I have been a professional Artist since 1990 creating custom commissioned art projects nationally, but I am new to Etsy, so I am not going to post my website address here in case it is against the rules. There are hundreds of letters of recommendation on my website. You can look me up by my name and see that I am all over the Internet with many positive reviews since the late nineties when I started selling my talent services online.

Please bear with me as I get acclimated to this selling platform. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Warmest Regards,
Kristen Mae Lee