Custom Commissioned Art Projects

Your masterpiece starts with a custom computer rendering, from any styles and pictures you provide. Every work of art is a one-of-a-kind original. You can even get your cell phone case or gown painted!!!
Catching the unique likeness is Kristen Mae Lee's specialty. She can draw any subject quite realistically so that expressions of the person's soul, emotions, and personality exude off the page right into your heart!
Painted Wall Murals
Any wall can become a unique work of art by adding $2 per minute to the $100 base supplies and transportation fee. The magic of your masterpiece is painted from a custom computer rendering then painted for you!
Beautifully well-crafted small to medium sized sculptures can create a one-of-kind decoration for your home or office. Order a 3D version of your favorite person or thing, with personality and character of its very own!!