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Creating custom art projects professionally since 1990, Kristen has won awards and been featured in galleries, business, and private residences around the United States.

One of her most unique art clients was the United States Marine Corps Special Forces in Kingsbay, Georgia, who commissioned a hand-drawn illustration of two marines with gas masks, machine guns, and camoflauge in 1991.

She painted 4 wall murals and made custom murals and 3D interactive displays for a church in Tempe, Arizona. Kristen has created custom backgrounds for huge wall displays for over two dozen parties, including a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Sweet 16, and birthday parties for kids and adults.

She has hand-painted and hand-drawn custom art projects for hundreds of individuals since graduating with 2 art degrees.

Kristen was also commissioned to draw a business building in Arizona.

Most of Kristen's work has been commissioned.

Education: Fine Art degree from NFA and Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications from Collins College.

Awards: Women's City Club art award for 2nd Place in the Charcoal Division, Vince Lombardi art award, nominated for the Founder's Award at Collins College.

Types of Art Projects:
Custom Commissioned Art Projects -
Painted Wall Murals
Table-sized Sculptures

Custom Commissioned One-of-a-Kind Art Projects
Pick your favorite colors and every detail of your creation and get your own personal masterpiece! Kristen Mae Lee has painted on cell phone cases, purses, shoes, hats, scarves, vases, walls, signs, mirrors, furniture, paper, cardboard, canvas, plastic, metals, glass, wood, fabric, clothes, wedding gowns, and even done body painting!



I want to explain this a little more clearly, so I am posting this note for you...

In the projects I have painted for others, some of which are shown in the photo galleries here, you can see examples of images I was provided by clients, and how other people incorporated some changes into the piece to get what they wanted without having to provide the exact photo of their ideas for the project. These are custom-designed masterpieces completely unique for every client!

You and I (or the person you gift this to) will talk about the details (and agree in writing) before I create anything and you will not be charged for our discussions because I want to make sure you love your custom masterpiece.

I have been a professional Artist since 1990 creating custom commissioned art projects nationally. There are hundreds of letters of recommendation on my other website Click here to read them. You can look me up on Google by my name and you will see that I am highly respected all over the Internet and have been since I started selling my talent services online.

Please bear with me as selling is not my forté. This website is just to show you examples of other projects I have created for others who have commissioned me to create custom art for them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Warmest Regards,
Kristen Mae Lee

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